In late-2016, I decided to start writing down my thoughts. I soon realized I had a story to tell. While reading my book, you will be taken on a powerful journey through the eyes of someone who questions everything and refuses to take no for an answer.  Through the tough times and the good times, you will be shown that regardless of your situation there is always a way, and when there isn’t a way there is always my book to give you the reassurance that anything is possible. My hope is that my book will give you guidance, force you to question your own actions, help you find that needed boost of motivation, provide some self-help for depression, offer different ways of overcoming anxiety and gain an understanding that you are not alone.  Regardless of your situation- past or present; with the right mindset you can always achieve what you have been led to believe is unachievable. If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut of self-doubt. Pick up my book and know that although I can't spell to save myself. Today I stand proud knowing I am a published author. #NEVERGIVEUP

After talking with the Australian and New Zeland Mental Health Association. Discussing my book, my battle with Mental Health, and my journey through school, they were very interested in sharing my story and put together this article for their viewers to read.

"Honestly, at first, I tried to do it all. I thought I’d be able to push my personal brand, push myself in my career, help raise our son,  keep a happy family life while staying social and interacting with friends too. F**k, was I wrong, so very wrong! This is when and where it all started to tip. Within a few weeks I mentally blew myself up and in an instant, I went on the biggest downward spiral I’d been on in over three years. Constantly frustrated, pi***d off with the world, not myself and in a state of discomfort both physically and emotionally."


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