Determined. Stubborn. Addicted.

My name is Jason Bosworth. 


Born in South Australia in the late 80's and raised in a little beachside suburb; surfing, traveling and pretty much living at the beach, I had one of the best upbringings any child could ask for. With my older brother always by my side, and Mum and Dad never far behind, we would always be connected. We had a great family foundation, and this has continued to grow as we have grown too. Moving to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 1999, we were able to amplify our combined passion for the beaches - what an awesome spot to do it. Before too long, we called the Gold Coast home and we haven’t left. 

Everyone in my family has a creative outlet; Dad with his ability to knock anything up out of wood or metal and make it look good, Mum with her hidden artistic talent, and my brother with his ability to pick up an instrument and make it sound good. It was only recently that I realized my creative outlet was writing.


This is my story.


In a world where we are only ever taught to conform to society's expectation of how we should live our lives, from a young age I could tell our standard education system wasn't for me. After school, branded by our education system as a failure, I became extremely determined to prove the ‘system’ wrong. I wasn’t about to conform and accept the results I had been labelled with. Post-school with no clear career path, like everyone, my goal was to make money. Having an extremely limited skill set, my only option was to become completely obsessed with seeing my goal of making money become my reality. I soon became sickly obsessed with seeing the digits in my bank account rise. From one job to the next, before too long I saw myself become addicted; completely addicted to the money and even more addicted to chasing it...