Book Reviews

A.B Alexander (residing in Israel)

5 star International Review 

A mental gladiator, winning the toughest battle

This book is an inspiring raw account of the author's struggles in overcoming anxiety, depression, and learning to deal with failure. However it so much more, that it would probably take another book to adequately relate the life lessons and perceptions that one gains from this read. This book will move, motivate, and inspire you in the deepest way possible. I'm grateful to have read it and strongly recommend it. Don't be put off by the title, this is an intelligent and brilliant piece of work.

Claire Harris

I only had to read a few lines of “The Power of the F**k You Work Ethic” and I was hooked. If you have ever felt ashamed of not being ‘good enough’ you will find it very relatable. There are so many of us who have hidden our feelings and insecurities. Reading this book, above all else, will reassure you that you are NOT alone, and you ARE capable of becoming anything you want to be.


Chapter 1 slaps you with a much-needed wake-up call, while gently holding you by the shoulders and reassuring you that it’s time to do something with your life. If you are riddled with self-doubt, it reminds you of what is important and makes you WANT to find ways of proving that your core beliefs are the best thing for you, and they hold your key to happiness and success. If you are lazy, it will hopefully help you to flush those damn excuses, and get you up and moving. The book takes you on a journey through time, resurrecting all those familiar feelings as Jason tells his story and helps you to gain an understanding of your own. You will question your own actions time and time again, and you will definitely find reasons and ways to change some bad habits and improve your self-worth.  I am a better person for reading “The Power Of The F**K You Work Ethic”, if for no other reason than it helped me to love and accept my flaws, work out ways to turn them into strengths, and recognize how healthy it is to turn doubt into motive. 

Linda Henderson (Newzeland)

My dear boy, How amazingly talented you are. I have not finished your book yet I am halfway through. You are complex and so much like one of my son’s who was told repeatedly by schools he would be a failure. He is now a hugely successful businessman living on the Sunshine Coast. He is a farmer and Provides Queensland with much beautiful produce. I read your story and connect with you. You have a future in connecting with others, its what you are so passionate about. I myself have a story that meant in the late 70s I had started telling society to get f**ked also…for my survival. Your journey has just begun and I applaud your tenacity

Phoenix Guidosteen

Pure brilliance.   You had me laugh. Cry and really think about what I’ve done in my life and what I can do.  Well done Jason. I loved it!!!!!