Check out my latest Skype Call with JC Valdez from New York City, Staten Island, USA.

JC is a teacher and has been involved in the education system for over 12 years. Get comfortable and listen to what he has to say. We also dive deep into my book 'The Power Of The F**k You Work Ethic', JC throws some great questions at me about the book and we both give insight to our lives and why we do what we do!

The She Did It Podcast with Sydney Nanberg - Episode #12 He Did it Version: The Power Of The F**k You Work Ethic

Episode #12: Today on the SHE DID IT Podcast, I am speaking with Entrepreneur, Jason Bosworth, Author of the book, "The Power of the F*ck You Work Ethic" on what it takes to never give up, his journey through the education system and how he created the life that he wanted! 

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The Inspire Before We Expire Podcast with Terrell Sumpter - The Power of Passion

In this episode of The Inspire Before Expire Show - The journey on becoming an author - Staying motivated during times of stress - Key steps to succeeding when others have counted you out - Living through and dealing with Mental Health and passion for helping others with mental health issues 

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The Absolute Theory Episode 9 - Jason Bosworth (The Power of the F**k You Work Ethic)

Jason Bosworth is the author of 'The Power of the Fuck You Work Ethic' - his take on the problems with the current education system, and the issues with the way we look at failure. We dig into what inspired him and what it takes to get an idea to the bookshelf.

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