• Jason Bosworth

My Writing Journey Pt4

I was fortunate enough to never experience 'writers block' whilst I was writing my book. I believe that I had so much bottled up content, that when I did start to write there was no stopping me. I couldn't stop myself. I am quite stubborn, and when I want something badly enough, I’ll do everything possible to make it happen.  Although I experienced my usual ‘all-in’ feeling during this journey, it was on a different level. Writing my book made me ‘hungry’; I was obsessed. I was so determined to prove myself wrong, and complete something that I constantly told myself wasn't possible for me to achieve. It wasn't until I had finished writing my book that I was able to start dissecting my full experience and realise how determined I actually was.

During my entire writing journey, I took VERY few days off from writing. 18 months, or 548 days, almost every day without fail, regardless of where I was in this world; I took every opportunity presented to continue my writing journey. Train trips between countries in Europe, business trips, airports, planes, coffee shops, beaches, parks. Reflecting on this time, I've come to realise that I had lost track of the time I’d sacrificed with friends and family, to follow my dreams. I had lost count of the number of lonely nights and early mornings I spent building a relationship with my laptop.  So many 'business-minded' people I follow, say that it can be a lonely road to achieve your own personal success. I'd always believed this, however, honestly I never thought I would be in a position to experience it. Fuck, its true, the nights are cold, long and at times extremely challenging. I'd always think, “...What if it doesn't make sense? ...What if all this time I’ve used has been nothing more than a waste of time?” Pushing past these demonic thoughts was a challenge in itself.

I had reached a point in my life, where I had pushed myself past exhaustion. After a while, writing every day just became so normal, almost a robotic action in my daily routine. I'd never looked at it as 'work' or 'building a business', however the time I had invested was so taxing upon my body; I was mentally draining myself every night, then physically draining myself every day whilst working my day job. 

The saying 'nothing worth having comes easy'; IT’S TRUE! It wasn't easy, it isn't easy. 

My message, the story I’ve told - if it makes one person believe in themselves, gives closure, inspires, or makes someone realise they’re not alone in a world full of people that can feel so empty; every lonely night and all the time I've sacrificed will all be WORTH IT. 

If you have a dream that you want to turn into your reality, there will always be a way to make it happen. Never forget; "hard work always beats talent, when talent fails to work hard".

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