• Jason Bosworth

The Next Step!

Nearing the end of writing my book, unsure of the direction I needed to take. There were so many road blocks I was faced with. Although there was a VERY limited number of people that new what I was up to. The amount of self motivation needed to make this distant dream my reality was close to unexplainable.

"I know that i'm shaky, I know that i'm nervous, i've made mistakes and I know i'm not perfect". Double L - Clouds.

Knowing I had enough content to fill a book was an overwhelming feeling in self, further to this I just new I needed to share my story with the world however I was so unsure on how to make this happen. I had to ask questions, self educate spending countless nights studying the process of publishing a book. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to seek answers on the direction I needed to take.

I was very fortunate to have a friend that shares the same creative passion for writing. Reaching out to me, pushing me to go to a writers seminar where a gentleman (Ocean Reeve) was talking on the different processes of publishing. I was so fucking nervous, completely out of my comfort zone and so unsure that if I was to speak with Ocean that I may choke and not be able to explain myself. I hadn't even comprehended what my book was about let alone built the courage up to tell someone the meaning and story behind my writing.

I kept telling myself to keep an open mind. I was able to learn so much during this session about everything involved in the publishing process. Knowing I needed to talk with Ocean, I was so nervous "What questions will I be asked?", "What if I receive blank looks and completely embarrassed myself?" Approaching Ocean I probably looked like a nervous school kid, our initial conversation was short, to the point and no bullshit. Thats when I knew he was the one I wanted to assist me in the publishing process.

I was so thankful of being pushed to go on that day, it was one of the major turning points during my journey of turning my dream into my reality.