• Jason Bosworth

The Sacrifice

My Journey of writing is something i'd never pass up. It changed me, improved my mental health and gave me the ability to help others. Everything comes at a cost, regardless of currencies exchanged something has to be sacrificed and for me it was time!. I completely understand when you are building a business or creating a masterpiece its going to take time HOWEVER, I will never be able to fully explain or comprehend how much time I invested and sacrificed to make my dream of writing a book my reality. Although at times it was very therapeutic, sacrificing time with family and friends soon became challenging and extremely difficult to manage. I love nothing more than spending time with family and friends, relaxing hanging out and just enjoying everyones company. Despite this and the challenges I was faced with I just new putting finger to keyboard was something I couldn't pass up.

I guess when you invest your heart and sole into something you will need to sacrifice to get the results you desire.

When I started my journey of writing I had no idea how invested I would get and how quickly that investment would turn into sacrifice. At first the writing wasn't an every day occurrence however this soon changed!. Along with writing for an emotional release I believe I started writing because I was bored within myself. I have a challenging job that always keeps me on my toes between 'standard working hours' however being blessed with a brain that never stops ticking I could soon see this wasn't enough. I didn't feel personally challenged, I could feel my life soon becoming a daily robotic remix and I needed to fill that void fast. Writing was the perfect fit. This book, although written to help others became such a emotional release for myself, reflecting back on everything some days I believe I managed to write myself out of my dark days of mental health. Writing allowed me to learn and understand how to manage what I was dealing with.

Within a few days I had become obsessed and the sacrificing started. socialising, surfing, skateboarding, reading, spending time with my wife, family and friends In an instant I felt my personal life changing, although I was completely limiting the time I was spending with family, friends and myself I couldn't stop putting finger to keyboard dedicating hours of my life to the words of my book.

Choosing to be hard working I have a job that I also have a similar loving obsession for. Sacrificing my time to push the business as much as possible then going home to feed my addiction of writing soon made me realise I was burning the candle at both ends . Any free time I had was extremely limited. Completely addicted, my writing soon became a force of habit. Although Ive always doubted myself I constantly felt challenged making me realise I could #nevergiveup

Until next time......

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